CodeCampSDQ is a recurring technical conference taking place in The Institute of Technology of Santo Domingo (INTEC’s campus), Dominican Republic. Fundamentally, we intend to educate the community of IT professionals in the Caribbean and foment a spirit of knowledge-sharing and collaboration in our attendees.

To ensure the educational value of the conference, we provide a platform to several renowned speakerseach experts in their respective fieldsfrom all across the globe to share their insights on topics that concern all IT professionals today. Said topics range from latest trends, best practices and common pitfalls in mobile and web development; to future-proofing IT for the fourth industrial revolution; to talks touching on DevOps, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Services, and other such topics.

Over the course of the last 7 years our mission of educating IT professionals has remained the same, however, in that timeframe the conference has evolved beyond its humble beginnings as a mere code camp. While still an integral part of our identity, today we offer you a fully-fledged conference, organized to meet the most rigorous standards in terms of space, hygiene, safety, convenience and quality of the talks. Come this May 30th, we will provide you with an invaluable learning experience, an opportunity to network with over 650 like-minded professionals, a dialogue with some of the leading minds in IT today, and the chance to get in touch directly with the tech companies sponsoring the event.

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